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America! America! God shed his grace on thee...

...and in the blink of an eye we are entering the back half of 2024...time just keeps zipping by

and here we are celebrating this great country once again...remember...this is a GREAT country.

I was reminded of this in a big way during our recent vacation...

we went to Indianapolis for the US Olympic Swimming Trials!

I do not think we were really expecting to enjoy ourselves as much as we did but what a wonderful week of celebrating the USA and all that is good about living in this country.  Young Americans reaching for their dreams in a culmination of a lifetime of work and training.  As I watched 30,000 people cheer them on, my own spirit and engagement grew.  I cannot think of a better way to feel as we enter July!! 

I love the Olympics and am so excited for the games to begin this month and - of course - to root for our athletes as they meet the world in Paris and achieve their American dreams!! 

Here at the shoppe, July returns some of our regular things to our calendar...

so you will find some of your  favorite fun things back in the mix!

For our All-American July Coffee & Tea Blessings we will be supporting the work of the Gary Sinese Foundation, whose mission is about extending your gratitude to America’s heroes every day. 

Gratitude...that is one of our Mustard Seed values too.

There is so much to be grateful for...we need to keep repeating that!!!

So as you continue to frolic and play the summer days away, be sure to sign up for the things you love to do in our space, you don't want to miss them!!

And we ALWAYS look forward to seeing you at the little shoppe on the corner!!

Here is what is coming up this month...

have a few friends you want to hang out with?

if you see something you would love to do in our month but can't make that date or your friends aren't available...let's find a date and time that work for you! For 6 people, we can put a custom cooking class on the calendar or for as many as 10 we can put a custom crafting class together for you!  


remember, if you need some inspiration...
we have projects just waiting for you here at the shoppe!

come in and look at all the options, there are more projects available than what we can show now when you join us for crafting, you don't even have to bring your own ideas!!

faith over fear sign.HEIC
bee kind 6x6.jpeg

and don't forget about our

do you see something you would like but you don't have the time or desire to DIY it?!!

that is where we come in...

handmade custom projects!

whether you need scrapbooks to commemorate a special occasion...

or maybe you have a specific phrase you want for that wood sign...

or  you need some cards personalized...

whatever your crafty need is...we can customize it just for you!!

Here are a few of the recent projects we have done for clients...

We are so excited to make your next delight...

check out our custom shoppe page or drop by and see us!!

jack welcome.HEIC

let's stay in touch!

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