a place of community that is... 

  • a welcoming place

  • a meeting place, 

  • a learning place, 

  • a creative place, 

  • an imagination place,

  • a shopping place,

  • a celebration place,

  • a gathering place,

  • a giving place,

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of this community.

First of all, this is a welcoming place.

For groups, it can be a place to meet, in a private space or a more general, public space for company meetings, small or large, for local book clubs or other groups, with an emphasis on supporting Christian faith-based groups.  

This is a meeting place.

For those who want to learn a new skill or enhance an existing one or learn about a subject of current interest…classes offered in a variety of the creative elements to build people up and let them learn new talents or have the chance to do something they love that they never have time to try at home or to learn about a movement or organization that they want to know more about such as global water initiatives, or human trafficking.  

This is a learning place.

For crafters, it is a place to craft whether a person loves to craft with paper, paint, yarn, jewelry, fabric, soaps, or whatever creative outlet a client wants to enjoy.  

This is a creative place.

For children – and moms and grandparents – who love to read or tell their own invented stories, who want to make masterpieces or simply create an all new, one of kind…thing.  

This is an imagination place.

For our locals and for our visitors to this wonderful paradise by the sea…a place to get hand crafted gifts. Some made locally, some from around the USA, some from around the world… All carefully crafted by people who want their work to bring joy and enrich the lives of others while rising above the norms of ‘retail’ to mean something greater.  

This is a shopping place. 

For everyone – no matter the generation – who wants to acknowledge a milestone…of any kind…and have a small gathering of friends with laughter and love abounding as they celebrate turning 6 or 16 or 60 or 100...with cupcakes and sprinkles.  

This is a celebration place.

For our community, in this time and in this place, The Mustard Seed will be unique to this special coastal community a place to simply “be”, to meet new people or ‘old’ ones.  

This is a gathering place.  


and above all else, 

where each element allows us to contribute to our causes:  the end of human trafficking, more clean water around the world and the support of causes focused on women and children here at home and around the world…this place will “be” with the deep intention of making a difference.  

This is a giving place. 

Note : by signing up for and attending any class at The Mustard Seed you are consenting to the use of images from your class for marketing of The Mustard Seed.

We're sorry there are no refunds for classes no-showed or cancellations within 24 hours of the class.

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