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While it is already a fun and active community, Florence continues to build itself as a great place to live and a great place for visitors to the Oregon Coast.  It is a City in Motion!


This market has ways for fishermen and women to entertain themselves on the River; it has a wonderful local movie theatre, beautiful beach areas and lighthouses; it has great restaurants and great shops to keep people busy and entertained.  What might be missing?  That’s where we come in…


The Mustard Seed, which opened its doors in 2019, is a place for locals and visitors alike. As our vision so clearly outlines this is a place to spend an hour, a few hours or the whole day.  Whether a cozy place to read, a place to meet with your knitting circle or friends for a chat, a place for a book club or bible study, a place to learn how to make a wreath or a fabulous bow…it is a place to scrapbook, to make cards and paper crafts, it’s a kid friendly story time stop or a game night for families and it is a place to shop our local artists and other artisan goods that contribute to local and global causes that make Florence and this world a better place.  


This is a place where you can join in, begin to discover new things about yourself and make new friends. The shoppe & studio is a place to ‘drop-in’ for the day or join as an ongoing member at a variety of levels. You can sign up for specific classes or join us for a thought provoking seminar on a trending topic or meet a local artisan and shoppe for unique art & crafts that come with a unique purpose and stories of their own. Some events will be free to all, some have a minimal costs and some have discounts for ongoing member levels.


While The Mustard Seed is not a 501c3 Non-Profit our intention financially is to cover the costs of running the business and give everything else away.  We will offer education on non-profit organizations and causes that we all need to know more about in order for us to be strong, positive, local and global citizens and so we can take part and DO SOMETHING! A main benefactor will be groups that support the elimination of human trafficking; additionally we will shine a light on Dementia & Alzheimers research and we will also focus on organizations that are making a difference in lives around the world through clean water initiatives, self-sustaining farming and those on a mission to bring hands-on tangible support that will strengthen women here at home and around the world.

In our first year we began our journey to build a legacy by establishing The Mustard Seed as a gathering place for everyone…locals and visitors.  A place that welcomes people to stop in, stay awhile, learn something new or have some time to complete that craft or project alongside new friends.

We also intend to support our local artists by having them share in “getting to know you” sessions and promoting their crafts as well as having some teach the basics of their art…we want to work with our artisans to help them reach new customers and share their joy.  


We continue to be a part of building community in Florence.  And we invite everyone to gather with us as we plant those seeds, water for growth and let God MOVE MOUNTAINS!! 

Nothing is impossible!

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